Andrew Rayel partners up with Neon Owl ( as the first artist featured on the Dance. Give. Inspire. charity line. Neon Owl is a charity focused music media company and lifestyle brand that connects people through the love of music and passion for giving back. They chose Andrew to be the first brand representative since the charity clothing line was inspired by attending his shows and creating unique designs to support one of their favorite artists. At the early stages of Neon Owl, the “Rayel Family” shirt design gained a ton of popularity online and at festivals, and became a well known giveaway item to fans all over the world. That is why the founders of Neon Owl insisted on launching Andrew as their first artist for this charity based apparel line. 100% of the profits from the Dance. Give. Inspire. charity line goes towards to build wells for clean water in developing countries like Haiti and Uganda. Support the cause by purchasing a shirt, sticker, or flag to help those less fortunate than us!